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MAY 2019

Dear Tenants,


We currently have an on call Security position available for various shifts. If you're interested, please contact Clarence Lewis at 559-776-8362 or visit him at the guard house.       


Please remember to visit the Park Office one week prior to leaving on vacation or when you're leaving for the summer, to fill out a Vacation Form and/or Utility Turn-Off Order Form. Please do not turn off your utilities by yourself. This is for the safety of all tenants. It's also your responsibility to have your yard maintained while you're gone. This includes weeds, leaves, pine needles, trimming and the watering of plants and trees. During the monsoon season, yards are messy after every storm. A yard maintenance person must be scheduled to take care of your yard. Please provide us with this information on your vacation form. If you're mailing in your rental payment, please remember your rent, security and sewer charge are due on the 1st of each month and are considered late if received on the 6th. After receiving your rent bill in the mail, you can send an additional check for your utilities and any balance due.


As a reminder, if you want a contractor to perform work on the exterior of your mobile home, they must be licensed, insured and provide documentation, before any work can begin. Before hiring a contractor, please visit the Park Office and pick up a copy of our Insurance Contract/Agreement which lists our insurance requirements. The Park's Rules & Regulations state in section “5. MOBILE HOME MAINTENANCE: …Additionally, if Tenant intends to have work performed on the outside of Tenant's home, Tenant must receive prior written approval from Park management. Tenant may only use licensed contractors to perform work on the outside of Tenant's home. If Tenant hires any contractor to perform work on the outside of Tenant's home, Tenant must provide the Park with the contractor's name and license information before work commences. Tenant must also provide the Park with proof of the contractor's insurance, via a Certificate of Insurance, including general liability insurance, automobile insurance and workers' compensation insurance, before work commences.”


If you have a problem with your utilities, such as, but not limited to, receiving natural gas through the meter, electricity fluctuations, a leaking water pipe or a clogged sewer, please contact the Park Office first and the maintenance staff will evaluate the problem. If it is a park problem, we will fix the problem. If it is your problem, the maintenance staff will let you know.


The security staff would like to remind you that vendors and/or guests will not be allowed in the Park unless you notify the security staff in advance or we are able to contact you via telephone. The security staff will attempt to contact you when your vendor and/or guest arrives but will be forced to turn them away if you do not answer your telephone. Please contact us as soon as you are aware that a vendor and/or guest will need entrance and the number of days they will be coming into the Park. Please remind your family, guests, and/or vendors that our speed limit is always 15 MPH and be constantly aware of walkers and bikers on our streets. As a safety reminder, to all those who are walking in the dark, please wear light colored clothing and carry flashlights. If you are riding your bike at night, please have the proper lights on the front and rear of your bikes.


Have a safe and wonderful spring, wherever you might be. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and check the Park Newsletter on our website for important updates!


Kim C. Wilkins,
Property Manager


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