Arizona Snowbirds

Hate Winter? Follow the Lead of Arizona Snowbirds!

Whether looking back at the winter just ended or anticipating one on the horizon, most people feel a mixture of dread and anxiety about the coldest season of the year. In places north of the Mason-Dixon line, winter is just too long!

Rather than worry about slipping on ice or struggling through the mental and emotional low periods that often accompany gloomy weather, many people have decided to opt out of winter.

Instead, they flock to warm weather just like migratory birds do! These people are called snowbirds since they head south to escape northern snow, ice and bitter cold.

Down south, snowbirds experience a softer, gentler winter every year. When spring rolls around again, they simply return to their usual nesting place and reconvene with their hometown family and friends.

Arizona ideal destination for snowbirds 

Arizona – An Ideal Destination for Snowbirds

Many Benefits of the Snowbird Lifestyle

One hard to quantify benefit of the snowbird lifestyle is a reduction in weather-related stress and immobility. Those who skip out on winter by going south for the winter eliminate months of accumulating tension from scrunching their shoulders in the cold.

Other Benefits include:

  • Outdoor activities year-round
  • Experiencing new places and ways to enjoy life to the fullest
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Chance to learn about different traditions and cultures
  • Flexibility to move around and not commit to one place

Winter is Pure Delight for Residents of Tucson, Arizona Snowbird Communities

While there are dozens of places that offer a refuge from Old Man Winter, Tucson, AZ has several characteristics that make it more attractive than other cities.

First, the weather is consistently delightful. At a lower elevation than the mountainous areas in Northern Arizona, Tucson is known for its warm, sunny days all winter long. Its dry climate is more comfortable for people with arthritis, respiratory problems and other health issues. Tucson, Arizona is known for its legendary sunrises and sunsets.

Although Tucson’s population is around a half million people, many visitors say the city retains the ambiance of a cozy small town.

Arizona tucson desert golfing 

Enjoy Desert Golfing in Tucson, AZ

Within a short drive, visitors find an abundance of golf courses, hiking trails and historic sites and museums. Old Tucson, where many western movies have been filmed, offers visitors a glimpse of the wild west. Scientists and nature lovers alike will be awestruck by a visit to the University of Arizona’s Biosphere, where dozens of habitats grow in a controlled environment.

Mobile Home and RV Life in Arizona Snowbird Parks

Most Arizona snowbirds choose to live in either a mobile home or an RV. These two options are so popular that Arizona is sometimes referred to as “white city” due to the massive number of white roof units in mobile parks in the area.

While there are several used mobile homes for sale and senior RV parks in Tucson, AZ, they each have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Buying A Mobile Home

New and used mobile homes are almost always less expensive than similar square footage in traditional homes. Typically, they’re also cheaper to maintain than sticks and bricks homes and will incur lower property taxes.

The easiest purchase option is to buy a vacant mobile home in an already established park. If empty lots are available, buyers can purchase a home elsewhere and have it moved into the park on a flatbed truck. Contrary to its name, once the mobile home is situated on a lot, it’s not easily moved again without a lot of effort and expense.

Desert Pueblo double wide mobile home lot 41 

Desert Pueblo Double Wide Mobile Home – Lot 41
1972 Delta – Sheller Globe

Advantages of a Mobile Home

Mobile homes offer the owner a living space similar to a small home, condo or apartment. Ranging in size from 500 to 1300 square feet, one or two people can comfortably occupy a mobile home without bumping in to one another all the time.

Occupants enjoy a separate kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, stove, central heat and air, consistent indoor plumbing and other modern conveniences. Even a single wide unit has enough room for a small couch and recliner chair.

Mobile home lots usually have a small area outside the home that can be used as a garden or patio area. Park owners will handle the installation and maintenance of plumbing and sewer lines to each unit.

Many mobile home parks also offer amenities from swimming pools to community buildings along with other recreational facilities and social programs around the park.

Disadvantages of Mobile Home Ownership

In mobile home parks, residents own their individual unit but they rent the land underneath it. As renters, they are subject to the park rules and regulations.

Since mobile homes are considered personal property, like vehicles, they are subject to rapid depreciation and can be difficult to re-sell down the road. Mortgage lenders also offer higher interest rates on personal property than on traditional homes.

RV Park Life

The most obvious perk of staying in an RV is that everything needed for daily living is within arm’s reach. And travelers can sightsee at their own pace on their way to their winter destination without the worry of changing hotel accommodations if plans change. Living in an RV also allows people to easily visit several new locations in one season.

The inside of an RV is quite compact which is either a blessing or a curse depending on one’s taste. Limited storage space requires people to minimize new purchases while on the road. Fewer belongings means less to clean and less clutter. Many travelers enjoy simplifying their material needs and savor the opportunity to explore new places and meeting new people.

Staying in an RV appeals to people who like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Meals and after dinner discussions can take place under the awning attached to the camper.

Rv trailer arizona desert 

RV Trailer in Arizona Desert

Cons of RV Life

There are also many adjustments to living in and caring for an RV for a long period.

Two people in the same RV may find themselves yearning for a room of their own. If one person’s kitchen habits are irritating in a traditional home or apartment, this can create increased conflict in a confined space where it is hard to avoid noticing these details.

Maintenance issues under the hood and inside the cabin can occur anytime. If the RV needs mechanical repairs which take longer than one day, the occupants will need alternative accommodations right away.

If the RV is not thoroughly waterproof, mold and mildew can develop.

During periods of severe weather, it can be uncomfortable riding it out in a vehicle.

RV refrigerators are usually smaller than traditional ones which requires more frequent shopping.

Desert Pueblo is One of the Highest Rated Arizona Mobile Home and RV Parks

While many senior mobile home parks boast a variety of amenities, Desert Pueblo Mobile Home Park has the most extensive selection of all for the age 55+ RV Parks . In 2017, Roverpass rated it as one of the Top 3 RV Parks in Arizona.

Explore Desert Pueblo’s Photo Gallery

With its immaculately landscaped grounds, paved walkways and dozens of social and recreational activities, Desert Pueblo stands out among snowbird communities for its exceptional quality of life. Between the athletic facilities and the packed social calendar, residents hardly need to leave the park to satisfy their entertainment needs.

Deluxe amenities include two heated swimming pools, two jacuzzis, saunas and lighted shuffleboard courts. Two spacious clubhouses create inviting spaces for billiards, card games, crafts, parties and hanging out.

RV parking at Desert Pueblo is only available on a monthly basis, unlike other parks which might allow daily and weekly reservations. This is a benefit to long term campers since it allows sufficient time to meet other RVers and form lasting connections.

Retiring in tucson 

Desert Pueblo Mobile Park Entrance

At Desert Pueblo, there are no strangers, just friends we have not met…