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Dear Tenants,


During the month of July, Sheila and I were working at the Park.  Even though there had been monsoons, the Park looked great!  We want to thank the tenants for maintaining their mobile homes and yards and thank the maintenance staff for maintaining the Park.


On August 19, 2016, Desert Pueblo Mobile Home Park began only providing monthly RV space rentals.  We no longer provide nightly and weekly RV space rentals to the public. 


On September 2nd, 6th and 7th the maintenance staff will be removing the furniture from the Small Clubhouse and placing it in a storage container.  On September 7th, Brian Caulkins will remove the fire place and on September 8th, IFS will start removing the flooring at the Small Clubhouse.  IFS will be installing the same flooring at the Small Clubhouse that they installed in the Large Clubhouse auditorium, during the month of July.


Please be advised, the Park’s Rules and Regulations, page 9, section 8 VEHICLES states: “…No parking in the streets.  No vehicle of any kind (golf cart, car, van, pickup, motor home, etc.) can be parked in the yards on the rocks.  All vehicles must be parked in the driveways.  Management will provide a limited area for parking travel trailers, campers, trucks and excess cars etc., with a separate charge made for such parking.”  The streets are not wide enough for two cars to pass if a car is parked on both sides of the street.  Please advise the Park Office if you are parking in the street due to a delivery, loading or unloading, or if a vendor is working on your mobile home.  Please do not park your own vehicle or allow your guests or care givers to park in the street, in your rocks, on an empty lot, in your neighbor’s driveway who has left for the summer or in the driveway of a home that’s for sale. 


Please accompany your guests at all times, especially the grandchildren.  In the past, we’ve had grandchildren that were not accompanied by an adult, driving a golf cart, skate boarding in the drain ditches and/or parking areas and swimming at the small pool.  Tenants are responsible for the actions of their guests and the safety of others.


The security staff would like to remind you to always lock your mobile home doors, shed door and all car doors.  In addition, please place your bikes in your shed or mobile home at night.  Please remember vendors and/or guests will not be allowed in the Park unless you notify the security staff in advance or we are able to contact you via telephone.  The security staff will attempt to contact you when your vendor and/or guest arrives, but will be forced to turn them away if you do not answer your telephone.  Please contact us as soon as you are aware that a vendor and/or guest will need entrance and the number of days they will be coming into the Park.  Desert Pueblo’s speed limit is still 15 MPH throughout the Park.  Please remind your family, guests, and/or vendors that our speed limit is always 15 MPH. 


I hope you all are having a safe and wonderful summer, wherever you might be!



Kim C. Wilkins

Property Manager

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